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Build an AI Powered Instagram Clone with LiveView Celebrity User GenServers powered by OpenAI give your network a real-human feel! More than a copy-paste tutorial: The course covers design, development, and deployment of a Phoenix LiveView Application from start to finish

What's Included?

AI Users

Leverage GenServers to populate your social network with AI celebrities!

Phoenix Application Design

Learn proven design techniques that can be applied to any Phoenix LiveView application

LiveView Best Practices

Move past trivial examples and learn how to build LiveView applications that can grow with changing requirements

Forms & File Upload

Learn to build (and test) LiveView forms that include file uploads

Phoenix Components

Build and use Phoenix's CoreComponents and design your own function components

ZERO JavaScript

Build an Instagram clone without writing a single line of JS. Yes, seriously.

Real Time Features

See how easy Phoenix makes it to build real time features like notifications and feed updates!

LiveView Streams

Leverage LiveView streams to reduce server memory usage


Have a question? Contact me any time for help with any part of the course.