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Zero to MVP in 4 Weeks

Launch new products. Launch new services. Take your idea to production in under a month.

Rapid Prototyping

I specialize in rapid protoyping. Have a concept, idea, or app that needs to get off the ground? I can take you from zero to production in 4 weeks. Having delved deep into Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView for close to 4 years, I know the stack inside and out. I move with confidence and speed. I will bring your idea to life while simulataneously providing an extensible launch point for your project to continue to grow and expand.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is Elixir Code Review as a service. I will elevate your team's Elixir knowledge, skill, and expertise. Having been a software development mentor for years, I've taught several programmers Elixir while architecting large Elixir codebases. I'm well-positioned to contribute at every level.

  • Deep Dive Analysis: My approach is exhaustive. I provide feedback that not only pinpoints issues but educates on the "why" and "how" of Elixir best practices.
  • Tailored Feedback: Whether you're a seasoned Elixir developer or transitioning from an OOP background, my insights are tailored to your unique context.
  • Continuous Learning: With Eagle Eye, code reviews become a path for ongoing growth and enlightenment.

"The single best code reviewer I have ever worked with."

- Julias Shaw, CTO @ LeanDog

"John had a lot of influence on our team because of his depth of knowledge. His code reviews both improved our team’s code base and made me a better developer."

- Erin Polley, Software Engineer @ Brassica Finance

Commitment to Confidentiality

Your code and business logic stays protected. All engagements are protected by NDA to ensure all details remain confidential.

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